I have always enjoyed being creative. Drawing is something that I love to do. Besides these little drawings, I am a retail designer which entails creating packaging, in-store displays and all that goes along with it. I enjoy designing digitally, but even more I love the freedom of the pencil on bristol.

I've always loved reading the comics in the newspaper when they arrived. The Sunday's were always the best. While attending school, I was striving to become a comic book artist. Drawing a Batman comic book was something that I really wanted to do. I had an acident that wouldn't allow me the time I needed for a possible interview, so I did not continue in that direction. The desire to continue to sketch is something that never has waivered. Having the ability to add a little joke to the doodles is just a plus.

My Father was a student at Art Instruction in Minneapolis, where he was taught by Charles Schulz in the 1950s. My Father, was and still is, a great inspiration for me. He was a gag cartoonist for his career, which he thoroughly enjoyed. My Mother, as well, is a great supporter of my work. Both of my uncles are cartoonists as well. Unfortunately my uncle Bill is no longer with us. Floyd Johnson is widely known for his Viking paintings as well as being a cartoonist, having his comics published in various papers. A quick visit to his site Floyd Johnson Studio, showcases his talent.

Inspirations and other things that I like:
My family, Mad Magazine, Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Family Circus, The Far Side, Hagar the Horrible, Steve Jobs, Batman and beef stew with a side of broccoli.

Oh, I don't need to bore you anymore... read some comics, man...


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Jeffrey C. Johnson



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