Awkward Slant is a series of on-going comic panels... and that's about it. There is no rhyme or reason for any particlar panel, just something that I think sounds funny that may look funny in a cartoon, so I'll ink one out and see if it makes sense once it's finished. Some may work, others may not. I've gotten mixed reactions when I've shown some to people where they say that they, "don't get it." Sometimes that makes me smile, as I enjoy the ones where it may be hard to figure out. Others, when no one seems to understand what I'm doing, well I may start over and try to make it a little more of an understanding joke.

They usually start just by watching something, or just heading directly to the notepad. I'll then bring that idea over to my art desk, which incidentally, is my Father's art desk where he drew many comics over the years ( which I love the thought of creating on that desk because of that history ), I'll then ink using a Micron .01 ink pen, laying it down on Strathmore Bristol paper. ( And yes, I do use both sides of the piece - Bristol is expensive, folks! ) I'll then bring this into the digital world by scanning the art. The rest is done at my Mac workstation, adding color in Photoshop and importing into Illustrator, where I add the copy. The font, in the text balloons, is a custom font that I created using my Father's characters. Also, his font is used in the name Awkward Slant ( that you see on the header of this page ). The font beneath is standard Helvetica.

Everyone has their little Awkward Slant on life, and this is mine. Thanks for stopping to view the site, and I hope it made you laugh - even if a little bit, I'll take it.



Jeffrey C. Johnson



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